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... Dr.Nguyen Hathuc is simply Amazing. My dentist is simply amazing I have been going here over 5 years. I'm personally not a fan of the dentist or any mouth procedure but DR.Nguyen Hathuc is very patient with me and talks me through all my procedures. The staff is always friendly and smiling willing to help wherever needed. They are great with reminders and very updated with new technology via text message confirmation. I personally couldn't have picked a better dentist. AVENUE DENTAL IS THE BEST!
Ashley H.

... Valued customer. My family have been coming to this office for several years and I wouldn't go
Thelma H.

... Such A Great Dentist! This is by far the best dentist experience I've had. The staff is always very helpful and friendly, the facilities are clean and comfortable, and most importantly the dentist is knowledgeable, patient, and thorough. He always takes his time to review my chart, explains the situation, then proceeds with the procedure(s). Would highly recommend.
Uyen P.

... Awesome service as always! The staff is knowledgeable and friendly make my children feel comfortable!
Niya M.

... I'm happy with my visit. Dr. Hathuc explained the steps that needed to be taken as well as showed me photos so that I understood better. While during treatment I was asked if I was okay as well as if I were in any pain. Everyone in the office is always friendly.
Jawana H.

... The staff is awesome!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!
Taylor W.

... 4 year old that loves this place!!! Staff and Doctor are always very friendly and family oriented.
Michelle U.

... Always satisfied. Dr Hathuc takes his time with all of his patients to make sure he gets the job done correctly the first time.
Laron C.

... Very happy. First time I went to a dentist and I was so satisfied thanks Dr Nguyen Hathuc.
Althonzo W.

... They are always professional. I love this place.
Lavelle W.

... Very happy with dental service. I really enjoy this dentist office. Great experience every time I go and the dentist is very nice.
Vanessa M.

... Happy with the Dentist. Ok place. Good treatment
Chinedum N.

... Love the clinic and all the staff!! The doctor is really great and the staff is really sweet, they always treat us awesome!!
Micaela T.

... 5th or 6th year with my dentist... Great feedback from my dentist.. can't ask for anything more...
John F.

... Awesome Dentist and staff!! My daughter received her braces and the process was very smooth and I am pleased I started her treatment !
Aurey K.

... Thorough Dr. It's my first dentist in a while, but I think I had the most thorough teeth clean ever...
Marcus F.

... My daughters actually look forward to their appts! Every aspect of the appts have been great. Everyone is friendly. We never have had to wait. The Dentist is very friendly and gentle with my girls and the office is very clean. I don't have one negative thing to say.
Khalia L.

... Won't go to anyone else. Family friendly. Used to go from dentist to dentist. ..so glad I found this office.
Claudia W.

...So happy with this dentistry. Thanks very much. He is a wonderful Dr. Very Cortez
David R.

...Great experience. Very nice people.
Carlos P.

....Great experience every time!!! Very friendly and seen in a timely manner!
Jurnee M.

...Dr. Hathuc always provides the highest quality of care to my 10 year old daughter and myself. He makes sure we are comfortable and at ease. My daughter doesn't dred her dental visits which makes me very pleased as her mom.
Lillian A.

... Avenue Dental is the best. My whole family goes here. Dr. Nguyen Hathuc is the best. They are so nice and very good I love them.
Peyton C.

... I'm very satisfied with the service of Avenue Dental. Very nice, good service. The people working there and the Dentist take care his patience makes sure you don't feel pain. Very satisfied with dentist.
Ana D.

... I have had my braces for a little over a year, and this may be the most consistent doctors office I hae been to. Everyone is great! Always a great experience!
Kimberly A.

... shows excellent customer service & treats each patient with kindness, and polite. I will recommend someone else to use this dentist.
Michael L.

... Extremely happy with this dentist! The staff was amazing. Everyone made me feel special. Everything in the office was very clean and nice to look at. Great experience!
Ekaterina K.

... Dr. Nguyen Hathuc changed my dental experience completely!! I had a very bad dental experience as a child and Dr. Hathuc completely changed that for me! I went into the dentist that morning and I was very calm but kind of nervous not knowing what to expect! The staff was extremely nice and helpful and made me feel so comfortable! I went in with a toothache and walked out with a smile! He did a root canal and I didn't feel much pain at all! He explained everything to me thoroughly and he even showed me a video of the procedure! He also created a treatment plan for other dental work that I will be getting done as well. I had a great experience with Avenue dental and I will continue to be a patient with them!
Courtney B.

... Excited Parent. Dr. Hathuc is Wonderful!!!!!!!
Telani L.

...Happy Parent. My son is Excited about Dr. Hathuc and looks forward to going to the dentist!!
Toren L.

... My daughter loves Dr. Hathuc and appreciates her toothbrush and the timer. Thanks Dr. Hathuc!!
Telynn L.

... am very happy with the dentist. Am very pleased how they treated my son...everyone was just wonderful
Wyatt T.

... Love the service. Went for cleaning in the services was excellent
Kenneth S.

... Great Dentist. Great and timely dentist
Terrance W.

... Great service, didn't feel a thing! Dr. Nguyen Hathuc took great care when using anesthetic, I didn't feel a thing! And he called to see how I was doing later that evening. Great Service!
Marc B.

... yes, very happy with this dentist. I referred my son here and said they were so nice and he really liked them too
Carolin C.

....Great dentist! The kids don't mind coming for check ups. Fast, efficient, and friendly service.
Camryn J.

...Fantastic Dentist! This dentist office is always courteous, efficient, and extremely friendly. I feel welcomed and at home every time I come. The staff is very pleasant and my dentist always takes the time to read my chart and discuss my concerns before cleaning my teeth. Would highly recommend him!
Uyen P.

... Always excellent!! I am glad we found this dentist!
Niya M.

... Best dentist ever! There is never any hassle or funny business with Dr. Nguyen Hathuc. Wait times are consistently short, and the staff is friendly and helpful. Best dentist I've ever been to.
David N.

...My daughter enjoyed her visit with the covering Dentist. The dentist she was seen by was covering for Dr.Hathuc. She was excellent , I really appreciated the patients she had with my daughter.
Noemi K.

...I have never visited a dental office like Avenue Dental! Being in the dental field myself, I have very high expectations. Dr. Hathuc and his staff have exceeded that. They are all very kind and professional. I will continue to refer my family and friends to Avenue Dental.
Aaden R.

... Quick, great service. The dental cleaning I got done was effective but efficient. Service is great. I will definitely return in the future.
Jennifer S

... Extremely pleased with the dentist. The doctor called to check on me after my treatment. Saw me without an appointment. He was extremely thorough and very nice. I would (have) recommended him. The staff is very friendly as well.
Carolin C

.... Very timely and efficient. Great experience. I don't think I will ever leave him!
Neha D.

...What a great and welcoming place!! The staff is friendly and bilingual! Staff were so welcoming and friendly. What I liked the most was the professionalism of Dr. Hathuc's on explaining the procedure to take place. In instances where I did not understand what he had said, one of the staff members was able to translate. That is a Plus because it is hard to find someone that speaks Spanish at a Dentist office. Great prices!!! And the process itself was very smooth and gentle. Great quality work!!! I definitively will recommend Avenue Dental!!
Mario L

...I love these people! Staff is very friendly. I love my dentist. He is great!!
Dulce T

...Happy. Very nice
Dustin and Rustin S

...So happy with Dentist. Very good dentist and I will send him patient at and enjoy and friendly and nice staff
Mary G

...Fine family dentist

Dale C

... Awesome Dentist! After my cleaning I had no pain at all.

...Great dentist.
Alicia R.

...Very happy with my dentist
John F.

... Very happy with this doctor. So happy!
Winston Z.

... Excellent Dentist & Staff! I couldn't ask for a more caring dental experience.
Andrew M.

... Great service. Love
Dermaco D.

... Professional, courteous, and friendly. Got a teeth cleaning and a filling
Tyler R.

... Excellent! Great place to go. Clean & friendly environment. Dr H was fantastic! Will go back again :)
GL - Houston, TX

... Appreciate. Good experience
OO - Houston, TX

... Very happy with Dr. Hathuc. First time heard of Gum Graft & am looking forward to Apr. 12th. I feel rewarded for having switched from my old dentist. Thank you for your service and care.
LB - Houston, TX

... So happy with all services. Best dental clinic for all my family
SA - Houston, TX

... So happy with this dentist! I had an great time here! All the staff was very friendly with all my questions and needs! I will be taking me and my son back here again!
JM - Houston, TX

... Loved my visit! Much better than my last dentist!
DS - Houston, TX

... Family come here. i just started and love the care and cleanest and how friendly everyone is.
IG - Houston, TX

... Customer services are the best. The entire visit wonderful
AG - Houston, TX

... Nicest dentist I've met so far! Both my daughter and myself had braces done by Dr. Hathuc, we are extremely happy with the end results. We never missed an appt., so our braces were removed as scheduled. The staff is very friendly and I always felt comfortable at his office. The prices are very reasonable ( our braces were paid out of pocket). Saturday hours really helped as well.
AG - Houston, TX

... I am very confident that I am getting top quality service and care from Dr. Hathuc. I appreciate his efforts to make sure his patients are completely satisfied.
KV - Houston, TX

...Love the warmth of the Dentist and staff ,makes me feel at home;-)
AA - Houston, TX

...Great dental experience!! Dr. Nguyen Hathuc and his staff were friendly, efficient, and thorough. He took his time to review my X-ray results and to discuss his findings. He is very passionate about his work and it shows. This has been my best dental experience ever!
UP - Houston, TX

... Pretty happy with the visit. Went for cleaning..good experience. High tech office.
AL - Houston, TX

... Prompt Service. Very fast and well done job
BL - Houston, TX

...My son likes his new dentist, he isn't scared to go anymore! Everyone is professional and friendly.
I would definitely recommend this dental office!
Parent - Houston, TX

... Very happy. Wonderful
DT - Houston, TX

...Overall positive experience. I am very happy with the expertise and professionalism of Avenue Dental. I am always welcomed with a warm smile, and that relaxed atmosphere extends throughout the visit.
ML - Houston, TX

...Great Dentist and Friendly office staff. I have been to serveral dentist offices but never felt as comfortable as I do with this office. I had a filling and my son got braces and the dentist contact us later that afternoon to ensure that we were okay.
TH - Houston, TX

...The weight has been lifted off my shoulder. One of my teeth fractured a while ago. Along with other options, implant was presented to me. Considering all factors, I thought implant would be the right option for me. I always had to hold my smile because of this missing tooth. I want to do the implant but never had enough strength to do it. I've followed Dr. Ho's cases and found enough trust in his skills to let him do it. The procedure was not what I had anticipated. Dr. Ho was gentle with his injection and talked me through the procedure. He numbed me really good. I had no discomfort at all during the procedure. The only thing I felt was some vibration. I remember hearing him saying "1-2-3 go" with the assistant when he was about to start his implant motor. Two or three times like that along with some x-ray verification and the next thing I knew was the implant was placed. Before I left, I was advised to take some OTC Ibuprofen when needed. I was skeptical about it and thought I would need stronger pain pills. I was afraid it would hurt so I took two OTC tablets before the anesthetic wore off. I got home. The anesthetic wore off, but no pain. I thought maybe because I already took the pills. I was anticipating more pain to come but surprisingly that was it. I felt a little ache like something new was there but no pain. The following day I was back to normal like nothing happened. Thank you so much Dr. Ho. You're the best! I can't wait to get my crown in a few months.
NH - Houston, TX

...Luv my dentist and staff!! Everybody know me by name and they make me feel at ease even when Im nervous they make me feel comfortable I Luv Avenue Dental.
PB - Houston, TX

...Coolest dentist ever! I love going to my dentist, everyone there is friendly and cool. The dentist really is a great guy, he listen to your concerns and always willing to work with you. I look forward every month to going back. BEST DENTIST EVER!!!
CB - Houston, TX

...I love this dentist! This dentist is very clean and professional. I would recommend this place to family and friends.
LP - Houston, TX

...Best dentist office ever. Completed 2 root canals with no pain during and afterwards. Dr. Hathuc checked on me twice. It was the best service I've received. Would highly recommend this dental office location to friends and family. Was actually referred by my sister who also loves the service they provide. Thanks again to everyone who works there.
NJ - Houston, TX

...As one who finds herself a bit skeptical of dentists in general, I think I have found one I will want to stick with. I got a good feeling about Dr. Hathuc from our first meeting and actually trusted him enough to redo a crown I was having problem with. He was very gentle, precise and professional. The crown looks and most of all feels great. So glad to have found him.
KV - Houston, TX

...The front desk staff, clinical assistants and the doctor were friendly, helpful, professional. The front desk staff (Jennifer) explains everything with no problem. The clinical assistants (Lizeth and Marlene) listen when I ask something about the x-ray. They answer my questions. The doctor explains with details the whole procedure. The doctor took time to explain why my daughter needs treatment.
I like the environment. My daughter feels very comfortable, likes the TV in the room. I give five stars.

East Houston Parent

...The front desk staff was very nice. She answered all my questions. The assistant in the back (Jennifer) was very nice and patient with my children. Dr. Hathuc is awesome and very nice. He talked to my kids the whole time. They were not scared. They had fun. The doctor explained every detail to me about their teeth and x-rays. My children were very comfortable during their visit. The staff was friendly, helpful, professional and caring. I will be telling others to take their family to this office.
Parent of two young children
Houston, TX

...I would describe Nguyen as 'once in a decade.' I have been so impressed by his enthusiasm, integrity, and diligence. He gives dentistry his full effort, is always prepared. He is honest and immediately impresses you with his respectful and sincere ideas. It's easy for him to gain trust from others...
Samuel T. Huang, DDS
Associate Professor
Chief of Patient Simulation
UCSF School of Dentistry

...I have known Mr. Hathuc for almost two years now in my role as an instructor in the dental clinics and didactic courses at UCSF. He is a very conscientious and caring person who displays a commendable eagerness to learn as much as possible from the faculty and put that knowledge into practice. He has a very pleasant personality, and shows great empathy for both the immediate comfort and long-term well-being for his patients. Several patients have commented to me how lucky they felt that Mr. Hathuc was their student dentist...
Alton M. Lacy, Ph.D, DDS

...Nguyen came to the Sacramento Native American Health Center as an extern student dentist from UCSF. He was required to spend nine weeks with us, but he has also volunteered on his school breaks to help out and gain additional experience. Nguyen is very dedicated to being well rounded in all aspects of dentistry. He never turns down an opportunity to learn more. Nguyen has really mastered the ability to do root canals, which was a tremendous asset to our clinic. With him around, we were able to do more molar root canals then we ever have in the past. Our patients love him and would come for consecutive days in a row to see him.
...Nguyen is not only a great dentist, but also a great person. Our staff was excited whenever his rotation came around. He always followed rules and was always willing to help out in any way possible...
Alice Huang, DDS
Dental Director
Sacramento Native American Health Center